3 ways that registration as a Nurse in the UK has just got easier.

The attractions of working in the UK as Nurse are well known, but the difficulty of meeting all the requirements of Registration put many Nurses off. But do you realise that the process has been made easier over the last year? Still going to be challenging, but read the changes made below and think again.

  1. Nurses no longer need one year post registration experience.

Many Nurses, especially those who have qualified in the Philippines often had a problem demonstrating that they had completed one years post registration experience. Lack of salary and poor working conditions meant that many Nurses found themselves working in alternative professions , especially BPO call centres. Thankfully this is no longer a problem with registration in the UK

2. The IELTS test of English Language can be done over two sittings.

Did really well in writing, listening and reading, but nerves turned your voice to a squeak in the speaking? It’s no longer such a big problem!

You can now achieve this over two sittings. The rules are kind of complicated and deserves a blog post of it’s own, but two try’s have got to be better than one!

3. The written section of IELTS is now 6:5. This is the BIG Change.

The overall Band Score is still 7, but the the written section can now be 6:5. IELTS Academic written section is really challenging, and there is a huge difference between 6:5 and 7.  


At IELTSBootCamp we now believe that many more Nurses are able to complete the registration requirements for the UK Nursing Council

If you want to talk about the program we offer please get in touch on malta@ieltsbootcamp.com

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